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Re: how to a mailing list

Andrei Popescu ha scritto:
On Mi,03.mar.10, 10:31:19, Marco Vaschetto wrote:
hi to all,

I need configure a mailing list but I didn't know how.

Somebody can given to me a suggestion for know were start to do it?

It would help if you provide more info:

- how many subscribers do you expect
- how many posts do you expect
- is the software to be installed on a mail server? (what software/hardware)

... and others I didn't think of (I've never done it myself).

Thanks for answer,

Not a lot of subscribers I think will never have more then 50

maybe 2 or 3 for day


I don't know if need more information for do, have some daemon do this work or is a configuration of mailserver? I think is a daemon do a mailing list.

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