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Re: setting sensor limits fails

Dne, 01. 03. 2010 23:55:43 je s. keeling napisal(a):

>  I don't think this should be a threat to your laptop, the sensors
>  only read temperature (and other data) they don't interfere with
>  the working of the CPU, hard drive or other components. I think you
>  have no reasons to worry.

They sure help here, otherwise the fan makes it sound like my Sun U30.

If "failing to set sensor limits" is what I think it is, then it's no joke. You should check whether this means that your thermal trip points are messed up (or absent altogether); if they are, your laptop may eventually overheat and die. (However, your fan being so loud is actually a good sign.) The *passive* trip point is particularly crucial in this context. I jotted down some indications about trip points and such on the website you'll find in my signature (once there, look for the heading "Laptops In Heat").


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