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Re: How to enforce use of dhcpcd instead of dhclient in debian/testing?

wzab <wzab@ise.pw.edu.pl>:
>  I have a problem with wireless networking on my laptop (uses iwl3945
>  wireless).
>  When dhclient3 is used to obtain IP address via DHCP, the connection is
>  unstable. Especially when I move my laptop to another location and switch
>  to another network, the IP is not obtained at all or connection is
>  established only for a very short time.
>  I was able to fix it by uninstalling the dhcp3-client package. In this case
>  the dhcpcd is used for obtaining IP, which works flawlessly.
>  Unfortunately dhcp3-client is suggested by different packages, so when I
>  update my system it often gets reinstalled unless I explicitly deselect it.
>  That's really tiring.

File a bug report.  Use reportbug.  The maintainer should get back to
you with good/informative explanations (in my experience).

I see this as another manifestation of the CUPS vs. lp* problem;
everything suggests (suggested?) CUPS, when any printer daemon should
be recognized as acceptable alternatives.  Just as multiple potential
MTAs are acceptable.

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