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Re: after upgrade etch -> lenny, problem with vim syntax highlighting in bash scripts

On 28.02.2010 09:29, Mart Frauenlob wrote:
> Hello,
> after I upgraded from etch to lenny a few days ago (new config files
> have been installed for vim), I noticed that syntax highlighting for my
> bash scripts is not working as before.
> There are some things i've noticed, where of the first is worse to me.
> 1: If I put the following statement onto a single line, it does not
> cause problems:
> RESULT_ARR[IDX++]="[$((m_count++))]=\"${str_attr_name}[$((opt_idx++))]=\\\"${tmp_content}\\\"\""
> But as soon as i put it into a for loop:
> for tmp_content in ${str_attr_val}; do
> RESULT_ARR[IDX++]="[$((m_count++))]=\"${str_attr_name}[$((opt_idx++))]=\\\"${tmp_content}\\\"\""
> done
> Everything from the 'done' word is marked with as syntax error, making
> the whole file unreadable (could turn of syntax highlighting).
> 2:
> if [[ $1 = +([[:digit:]]) ]]; then
>     ...
> fi
> is good, but with:
> case "$1" in
>     +([[:digit:]])) :
>     ;;
> esac
> the last 2 `]]' are shown in red background (syntax error).
> 3: This one causes everything after the `'' (single quote) to be
> rendered as error:
> [[ $x = *\'* ]] && ...
> this is my .vimrc:
> set ts=4
> set sw=4
> let g:is_bash= 1
> let sh_minlines= 500
> Any ideas how I could get that fixed?
> Many of my scripts are garbled now. they are more readable without
> syntax highlighting.
> Thanks a lot
> Mart

Hello again,

I've tried to look up this problem with vim syntax highlighting a bit more.
It seems to me that escaping (single|double quotes?) in any loop
statement does not work.
So I've to correct my first report, those escaping problems lead to the
result, that all following code is formatted as it was inside quotes
(not rendered as error, like the [[:digit:]] string).

So this one:
for tmp_content in ${str_attr_val}; do

needs a `"' (double quote) added, to become valid for vim (while
becoming invalid in case of shell syntax).
Same thing inside an if statement:
if true; then

while inside a case statement it remains rendered valid.

And this one:
[[ $x = *\'* ]] &&
needs `' ]]' to become valid for vim.

I guess that could be fixed by modifying
/usr/share/vim/vim71/syntax/sh.vim - but I'm lost on how to.
It all worked out of the box on sarge and etch.
Most of the work I do on linux is write bash scripts with vim. This is
now messed up since the upgrade to lenny.
Any hints? Please anyone?

Best regards


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