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Re: what about acroread in squeeze i386?

Francesco Pietra:
> Unfortunately, for dealing with most editors of scientific journals,
> and for personal use of the scientific literature, either as author or
> referee, neither the readers you mention, nor any one other I know
> except acroread,  are enough.

You don't mention which features the alternatives to Adobe Reader are

> I am also surprised about the Debian policy for deb packages of
> scientific code: they provide the last version for testing or sid,
> while scientific code is run on stable Debian. So, the developer do
> much work for nothing.

This is not a special policy for scientific packages, it is the general
policy. It always takes a lot of time for a specific package version to
become part of a stable release. If this is a serious problem for you,
then you should run testing/unstable or, if this is not an option
either, try another distribution with shorter release cycles.
Alternatively, you can always build from source.

Or, if you need a newer version of a package built for stable, you can
try finding it on backports.org.

Scientists know what they are talking about.
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