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-i386 to amd64

I've made a new computer my first ever and I'm very pleased with it. It uses
an AMD phenon II 505 build cpu on an Ausus board with 8GB ram.

I used an amd64 net-installer to create the partitions and swap file
on the new and larger hard drive of the new machine.

Before moving an image of the old [i686] partition to the new computer I
installed the amd64 kernel. I completed the install by using gparted from a
rescue disk to merge the larger new partition with the old smaller one from
the image. The previously installed amd64 kernel now listed on the grub2 menu
was selected to boot the new computer, and up it came, without a glitch so
basically I'm happy.

However, it has transpired that it wasn't that simple to change from the i686
kernel to amd64 even though my 32 packages will work under the amd64 kernel
Apt and Dpkg for instance don't seem to know this has happened.

I would hope someone knows a command line solution.  Is there a way
to safely morph the old architecture into the new, like purging the i686
kernel for instance or configuring APT or dpkg to upgrade with amd64

Thanks for reading.



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