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RE: netstat ?

>> In <SNT125-W503AD2F570F2C86CE7A4AFDB410@phx.gbl>, Hadi Motamedi
>> wrote:
>> >My Debian server is at @ and the remote network
>> element is at
>> > @ ,
> Thank you for your reply . Sorry , you mean the tcpdump can be used
> to monitor the exchanged packets toward an spesific ip address ? I
> thought that it can just monitor all of the packets on my eth0 and
> then I need to find the dedicated port to try to filter with . If it
> can do that , please provide me with an example on how to use it to
> monitor for an specific ip address ?

>From your server (as root) the following command will dump traffic
data to/from the remote network elemnt.

    tcpdump host

If you want to see the payload of each packet in hex and ascii (from
previous posts I'm guessing you do)

    tcpdump host -XX

if you want to save the data in a file for later analysis

    tcpdump host -XX >> somefile


if you want to know why you are doing this

    man tcpdump

Regards, Tim.

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