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Successful running 3D apps w open driver. Solving Xserver modes switching.

Good day.

First, I want that my this message be saved in the Debian mailing list archive in so that my experience could of worth to all those that will be in the same dilemma as I was in w/ the 3D-accel. support for ATI r4xx, X1100 vcard - for I had all necessary things to have it running (and that was w/ the free driver!), yet w/o luck. So this is the thing I simply missed in my xorg.conf (the whole device section):

Section "Device"
        Identifier      "VideoCard"
        Driver          "radeon"
        Option          "DRI"   "on"
        Option          "AccelMethod"   "EXA"

The first options line was the key. 

Though it gives 3D supprot for the diver apps. for the games it waorks not for me - as whole the screen while playing is garbled with some graphics artifacts - lines, triangles - sos that the scene is blinking between it - making impossible to play - I have tested this on linux packaged games as well as on wined ms games - all have the very same problem. So, if it fixible, please, share Your opinion how I can do this.

Second I want to ask, if I may by some other options to xserver to vanish away another problem I have when I switch between graphical modes - the screen covers w/ multiple thing vertical lines and I it is so unless I switch to virtual console (that I see not also) and then back to X session - then I see the new mode and can use it. In other words, I want the option will make the same thing as I manually do with this extra switching or reset something that prevents the vcard to switch between modes properly.

Thanks for Your time.

PS Please, reply to the list.

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