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Re: how to convince that debian is one the three major choices for a stable server environment?

On Tue, 23 Feb 2010 18:20:55 -0500 (EST), John Hasler wrote:
> Stan writes:
>> They want a big name vendor with big dollars in the bank backing that
>> support contract.
> "Vendor" is the key word here.  They want "vendor" support because,
> still being stuck in the closed-source mindset, they think that only the
> "vendor" has source and can supply full support.
> Stan writes:
>> Consultants aren't going to cut it on this playing field as they go
>> out of business too frequently leaving customers hanging.
> A Debian consultant who goes out of business can be replaced by
> another.  A closed-source vendor who goes out of business (or simply
> decides to stop supporting your critical program) leaves you hanging.
> There are also Linux consulting firms that are not just one man.

Yes, John, I think you've identified a big part of it.  But I don't
think that they consciously have identified that flaw in their thinking.
"Only the vendor has the source".  That's not true.  Everybody has the
source.  But that concept escapes them.  But that's only part of the
problem.  They also want someone with deep pockets that they can sue
if things really go south.  A subchapter S corporation run by John Q.
Consultant doesn't have deep enough pockets.

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