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Re: Re (3): eth0 or eth1

>> Neither ifconfig nor ip use /e/n/i to configure nics.

> So the end user need only use ip rather than ifconfig
> and not be further concerned about the deprecation?

I would worry about its deprecation when it is moved out of main or
stops neing maintained.

Although, I have read an article where the author was advocating
dropping ifconfig because he was able to create virtual interfaces
with ip that were not detected by ifconfig. IIRC one of the reasons
that ifconfig could not detect/list them was that he named them all
eth0 (and it worked) rather than eth0:0, eth0:1, ...

>> /e/n/i may be
>> referred to in the "see also" section of man page of ifconfig, but it
>> is "only" used by ifup and ifdown.

> We should continue to maintain /e/n/i as always.

Unless you want to write an init script that brings your nics up with
ifconfig or ip. (Anyone know how interfaces are brought up if ifupdown
is purged?)

> Thanks

You're welcome.

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