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Re: Two Lenny problems

On Monday 22 February 2010 14:45:11 Stephen Powell wrote:
> I earlier recommended gedit, which is a graphical text
> editor for the GNOME desktop environment.  I thought that's what you
> were running.  I didn't realize you were using KDE.

Kwrite in KDE is a good compromise between vi and word-processors, and I would 
say is at a similar "level" to gedit in Gnome.  Assuming KDE 3.5.x;

To use it to edit config files:

From KDE do Alt+F2.
Type "kdesu kwrite" (without the quotation marks) in the snall window that 

When asked for password, enter the root password.

Load file as you would in a wordprocessor.  

Save As to a new name.  (e.g. conf.file.old)

Reload file under original name.
Edit.  Save.  Close Kwrite.

I believe that KDE 4.x.x operates in a similar way.


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