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Re: Correct binary for Intel Core i5

Mark Allums put forth on 2/21/2010 5:52 PM:

> Realtek audio is covered.  I can't speak to Realtek LAN.  P55 is the
> very latest Intel Northbridge.  I don't know if X servers or drivers yet
> exist for the version of it that supports the Intel GPU, but I'm sure
> that they will exist shortly if they don't already.  Since you plan to
> use NVIDIA, the point is moot.

The Realtek LAN chips are all covered, but there may be issues with some
firmware blobs when using packaged Debian kernels.  There was a thread on here
recently about this.  Someone moved from packaged Squeeze kernel 2.6.30 to
2.6.32 IIRC, and between those revs there was confusion amongst the Debian
kernel team about the "free-ness" of the Realtek 8168/9 firmware blob.  Due to
this, they decided to leave out that firmware blob, breaking the driver and thus
making the interface useless without some less than trivial surgery by the OP.

Chances are your Gigabyte mobo uses the 8169, and you may likely run into this
issue with packaged Debian kernels.  If you compile your own kernel from
kernel.org source and include all firmware blobs in your kernel, you'll never
have this issue.  This debacle is just one of the many reasons I spin my kernels
with kernel.org source, building all needed drivers and all firmware blobs into
the kernel image.  I do not use initrd kernels for the same reason, and other

Regarding the video, don't waste any money on an add-n PCIe GPU card unless you
plan to play OpenGL games or run professional 3D apps.  All the integrated
northbridge GPUs have more than enough horsepower to drive insanely high 2D
resolutions x 32bpp without breaking a sweat, and most do a decent job with low
demand OpenGL apps.


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