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Debian Lenny, apache2, ldaps to active directory


I'm trying to get SSL enabled between apache2 and ldap communication to a
Microsoft active directory so passwords are not sent in clear text in their
next hop during authentication.

I've got my Debian i386 system up and apache2, ldap, ssl-cert all
installed and also:
* enabled apache2 modules ldap & authnz_ldap.
* confirmed at the active directory server that port 636 is open via
* confirmed using nmap that the active directory server shows port 636
open to the network.

In my apache2 virtualhost section, if I use:
I can successfully make connections to https://myserver.domain.tld using
an active directory account, authentication works fine but will be plain

If I use:
the authentication fails, per my error.log with:
"authentication failed; URi / [LDAP: ldap_simple_bind_s() failed]Can't
contact LDAP server]".

I have searched extensively for ideas to get this working but am at a dead

Are there any admins here who have traveled this path before that might
offer insight or suggestions? Or perhaps some ridicule and insult instead?
It's Friday and I'm in a light-hearted mood. :)

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