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Re: Air compressors vs. canned air

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>Subject: Re: Air compressors vs. canned air
>Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2010 23:10:22 -0800
>>On Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 07:51:06PM +1000, Adrian Levi wrote:
>>> On 14 February 2010 14:27, Timothy Legg
><debianuser@timothylegg.com> wrote:
>>> >> On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 6:30 PM, Chris Jones
><cjns1989@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> >>>...and might be able to
>>> >>> comment on the respective merits of air compressors vs. air
>>> >>>
>>> >>> CJ
>>> > Please don't use the readily available R-134a bottles.  I am not
>>> > convinced of the environmental safety of this coolant.
>>> >
>>> > Timothy Legg
>>> I can vouch for this, R134A is not an ozone depeting refrigeratnt
>>> it is still a greenhouse gas and at approximatley 1300 times
>>> weight for weight with CO2.
>>I use 16 gram CO2 cartridges for emergency filling of bicycle tires.
> Saw a
>>gun designed to incorporate them into use on computers and bought
>it.  It is
>>kind of week, short lived and expensive @ $2.5 each.  Hadn't
>considered the
>>environmental aspect.  But it is rare-use.
>>Also have a vacuum cleaner attachment for keyboards. It has 23
>tubes, 3/16 x
>>4 inches, with tiny brushes on the ends.  Looks like a strange sex
>>Can't remember where I got it.  Surprisingly, the silicon rubber
>tubes are
>>still very bendy.
>>Works really well but I don't know about components with the
>>Kind Regards,
I think you will find those cartridges are listed at somewhere around
100psi (typical for road bikes).  Probably way too much pressure for
cleaning mobos
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