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Re: Duda entre LVM y CLVM

On 10-02-11 08:28:47, Angel L. Mateo wrote:
> 	I am planning to deploy a virtualization server farm. I'm
> going to 
> deploy several virtual machine servers (xen). The VM are going to be 
> storaged in a shared storage (iscsi) with LVM volumes, all of them in 
> the same VG.
> 	In a specific point of time, each VM will be running in just
> one xen 
> server, so its LVM will be used in just one server.
> 	With this scheme, do I need cLVM? or can I use LVM?

Glancing at <http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/clvm/> I think you do 
need CLVM, as the LVM Volume Group itself will be shared by all, and 
will be changed when you add or remove LVM Logical Volumes.

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