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Re: eth0 - eth1 confusion vs. local network

On Mon,08.Feb.10, 16:33:39, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> So, are you saying it didn't happen?  Couldn't have happened?  Shouldn't have
> happened?  I'm imagining things?  Are you kidding?
No, I'm saying that under normal circumstances it should work.

> It broke.  I fixed it by manually editing the precise file you list above.
> Maybe it happened because I have ACPI disabled on this old (1998) 440BX MB due
> to its ACPI implementation being buggy.  Maybe it's because I have power
> management disabled.  Maybe it's a BIOS bug.  Maybe it happened because both
> cards use the 8255x chip (though one was an NC3121 with 82558 and the other an
> actual Intel Pro 100 Server Adapter with an 82559).  The cause could have been
> any number of things.
> Regardless, it happened.  I fixed it manually.  It did not properly
> auto-reconfigure.

It could be that you encountered a bug in the auto-reconfigure scripts 
or maybe even deeper (reminds me of the nvidia adapters that had a 
different MAC on each reboot).

Since your bug is quite unique (or at least no reports here on d-u) I 
doubt it's good advice to tell someone having troubles with networking 
to edit udev rules, especially since the OP mentioned the interface 
names were ok and consistent.

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