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Unable to download files with epiphany-browser in Squeeze

OK, guys, I know I must be doing something stupid, but I can't seem to
download files with epiphany-browser in Squeeze.  I'm running a GNOME
desktop environment.  The mozplugger package is installed.  I also
have flashplugin-nonfree and sun-java6-plugin installed, but I'm not
sure that's relevant.  Anyway, let's say that I am viewing a web
page that has a download link.  I move the mouse pointer over it and
the message line on the bottom of the screen shows a URL ending in
".pdf".  I single-right-click on the link, move the mouse pointer over
"save link as" on the pop-up menu, single-left-click on that and ...

nothing happens

I don't even get so much as a dialog box to specify the target directory
or file name.  "Download link" doesn't work either.  It works on my Lenny
system.  What am I missing?
Is there a plugin package that I need but don't have?  Is there
something I need to configure that isn't configured by default?
I searched the internet on the keywords 

Debian Squeeze epiphany-browser "unable to download"

I got a bunch of hits but nothing looked promising in the
first page or two.

Has anyone seen this before?

I do have evince installed to view pdf files.  But that shouldn't matter.

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