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Re: Fwd: Scanners

2010/2/3 Stuckey:

(You forget to reply to the list)

> I had an "all-in"one" HP (CM1312) which I wasn't satisfied with. I'm now
> going to get an older Laserjet 4 and a stand alone scanner.

You meant Scanjet 4c? That was a very good scanner (we had one in our 
office, it was bundled with an ISA SCSI card) but a bit old :-)

> I want a quality scanner, but I know I don't need anything 
"professional". I
> scan the occasional picture and document. I want good quality scans, and
> above all, I want it to be a quality piece of hardware that *works well
> natively* on Debian. I don't know how much something like this costs, 
so I
> don't have a maximum price. It would also be nice if I had something 
> allowed the easy creation of Pdf files - in comparison to what I had to 
> with my HP, which was scan it as .tiff and then convert it.

The PDF export funcionality comes with the scanning software, so you'll 
have to check if that option is available in XSane or whatever program 
you are planning to use to adquire the images.

Anyway, nowadays there are many graphics applications (i.e., The Gimp or 
OOo) using TWAIN that will allow you to perform a direct import of the 
scanned image and then saving into PDF.

> How do I determine which of the newest models of a manufacture are
> supported? There's a list at sane, but it doesn't say when it was last
> updated.

Asking people, I'm afraid.

Scanners are a "dark" world in Linux, some work very fine and others do 
not work at all. Just pick some models you like (which fit your budget 
and technical specs are fine for you) and ask here for some feedback. 
Most surely someone can share his/her experience.

Carefull with HP standalone scanners: many of their newest models are not 
supported :-(



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