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Re: Can Anyone Explain the over-all view of Wireless Networking?

Kent West:
> westk@evoljasen:~$ dmesg | grep wlan
-- snip
> [  267.697118] wlan0: AP denied association (code=10)

Well, there you have it. The access point does not want to talk to you.
You said it works using the same card in a different machine? -Otherwise
I would suspect the access points have MAC filtering enabled and you
need to talk to your wireless provider in order to have your card

What I find a little bit strange is that the card always tries to
associate with the same AP. You could try using another one from the
list provided by running 'iwlist wlan0 scan'. Get the address from one
AP with a high quality and set it manually by running 'iwconfig wlan0 ap

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