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Re: don't upgrade grub or grub-pc ! what's wrong with LILO ?

On Tuesday 02 February 2010 13:09:42 Stephen Powell wrote:
> On Tue, 2 Feb 2010 12:59:31 -0500 (EST), Tom Furie wrote:
> > In general I agree with you, but in this case it should be fairly
> > trivial since very little depends on grub, and the dependencies between
> > the versions haven't changed, to purge the current version and install
> > an earlier one. I know, for example that 1.98~20100126-1 still works.
> If you can *find* it, yes.  [...]  By then, all the mirrors would
> have updated.

Yet another good reason snapshot.debian.net should be brought back to life.
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