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Re: one website gives "address not found" from LAN

Florian Kulzer on 31/01/10 10:04, wrote:
On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 01:16:13 +0000, Adam Hardy wrote:
Klistvud on 30/01/10 23:48, wrote:
Dne, 30. 01. 2010 14:35:12 je Adam Hardy napisal(a):

Hi Folks
thanks for the advice - I do know the website is running fine
out there - I just can't access it from my LAN. From my mobile
phone, fine. But not from my lan.


By the way, it seems the domain name has not defined an alias for
"www" so when you query for it, it cannot resolve:

sm01@stt008:~$ host www.trade2win.com
Host www.trade2win.com not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

That works for me:

$ host www.trade2win.com
www.trade2win.com       CNAME   panna-229.trade2win.com
panna-229.trade2win.com A

So that could be contributing but I don't know why just my connection is affected.

Try if you can resolve the name using another nameserver, for example:

  host www.trade2win.com

If that works then you have a problem with your standard nameserver and
we need to see the contents of your /etc/resolv.conf.

This is made worse by the fact that the problem is only intermittent. For the last 24 hours it has been ok.

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