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Re: losing xmodmap settings during X startup

Anthony Campbell <ac@acampbell.org.uk> wrote on Mon, Feb 01, 2010 at 09:13:41AM +0000:
> On 31 Jan 2010, Joey Morris wrote:
> > I start my X session with startx, and lately I've noticed that some
> > (but not all) of my .Xmodmap settings are being lost once my X session
> > is up. I think this behavior started sometime in the past month or two.
> > 
> [snip] 
> I also use startx, with Icewm. I encountered problems with ~/.Xmodmap
> some time ago. I solved it by trying out various /usr/bin/xmodmap
> commands on the command line and when I got them working I put them in
> .xinitrc. I no longer use ~/.Xmodmap.

Thanks. I tried removing the line that loads .Xmodmap from my .xinitrc
and replacing it with direct calls to xmodmap -e, but that didn't
help. Just like my method of loading .Xmodmap, the modifier map is
correct immediately after the calls to xmodmap -e, but once the window
manager is up and I have an xterm, the modifier map is wrong. It looks
like the keysym command survives, but something moves that second
Control_L back to the Lock modifer.

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