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Re: boot hangs on pass phrase to unock encrypted root

On Tue, 2010-01-26 at 05:42 +0000, k b wrote:
> i can no longer boot my computer due to the problem in the subject
> line. 

That is really no fun, so here are a few suggestions. Since you verified
the implementation of luks using the live cd, my bet is graphics or
input devices

1) If you have been messing with console modes (per another thread),
revert back to 640x480; Just fooling around with GFXPAYLOAD I have found
some interesting results on various graphics cards that might appear to
freeze and do other things; with ATI especially generally the HD ones
are useless without building kernel with fglrx (notably my laptop

2) Curious if you experience the same result getting rid of any
quiet/splash cmd line parameters you may be passing, or if the same
issue occurs in single user mode (this might rule out any other graphics
related issues)

> the only thing related i found on the internet, is related to a usb
> keyboard, but im using the integrated keyb of my lap.
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1228063

3) On the input side, did you have any luck using an external USB
keyboard? (have you upgraded bios or changed anything there that might
impact your input devices)

If you had any interrupted upgrades, it might be worth rebuilding
initramfs (update-initramfs) from a chrooted system from the live cd in
case something has gone wrong there.

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