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Re: problem installing nvidia-glx on a debian testing with 2.6.32 kernel

I guess you're in Squeeze or probably Lenny, right?

Remove everything nvidia-related (source packages, modules built or installed, non-free binary drivers, etc.), activate sid in your sources.list, and then try again. Be sure to have the correct kernel headers available by doing m-a prepare for the proper kernel (which is now the same in both squeeze and sid). Then try installing from sid. I had the same problem as yours. The build process failed without any understandable errors but when I used the packages in sid it worked like a charm.

First install headers for you kernel, then activate sid if not already activated, then go through downloading and building the module with module-assistant. Then install nvidia-glx (from sid) if it does not get installed during the process of module building and installing. The nvidia-settings and nvidia-xconfig packages can also be very useful.

Nima :)

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