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Re: error opening mutt

2010/1/20 Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com>
On Wed, 20 Jan 2010 20:47:27 +0800, Umarzuki Mochlis wrote:

> By following this tutorial > http://www.andrews-corner.org/mutt.html, I
> encountered these messages. What should i put in mutt_aliases and
> mutt_colors?
> Error in /home/umarzuki/.muttrc, line 50:
> /home/umarzuki/mail/mutt_aliases: No such file or directory
> Error in /home/umarzuki/.muttrc, line 56:
> /home/umarzuki/mutt/mutt_colors: No such file or directory
> source: errors in /home/umarzuki/.muttrc Press any key to continue...

Have you created those files in that path?

It seems they are missing.

thanks, i had created those files. All seems well but when i ran "fetchmail -v" command, I can't see any mail eventhough there's a few emails in my gmail inbox



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Umarzuki Mochlis

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