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Re: Which virtualization is the best for Debian?

Sthu Deus wrote:
Good day.

As I have heard that vserver package does not work well in Debian, I would like to hear Your opinion (if any) on what is working more stable (well for use in production systems):

1. vserver
2. openvz
3. something else

Thanks for Your time.

PS Please, reply to the list.

as mentioned by the others, every cool feature usually has a disadvantage so its what you use it for.

besides that i have been running VServer for about 5 years now without any big problems.

its light, stable and fast
thanks to the fact it shares the same kernel with the host and all the guests, but this could be a disadvantage if you need a seperate kernel per guest.

Openvz basically is somewhere in the same league as VServer, i started with VServer and it did what i wanted + a active and extremely helpfull mailinglist so i never looked back

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