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Theming GTK tooltips

Due to a piece of software not packaged for Debian, I've been forced to
use the Raleigh theme in GTK apps due to a conflict between a component
called Lazaraus and the QTCurve theme preferred for GTK apps in KDE4. 
I can generally live with the look except for the tooltips with appear
as black on grey and tend to blend into the rest of the widgets.

At one time I had solved this but something seems to have changed and
I'm not sure what.  I have the following in my ~.gtkrc-2.0:

$ cat .gtkrc-2.0
style "tooltip" {
    bg[NORMAL] = "#FBF7B0"
    fg[NORMAL] = "#000000"

widget "gtk-tooltip" style "tooltip"

But there is no change from the default.  It seems some subtle changes
have been made to later GTK versions but I've yet to find how many
chickens to kill during the new moon to get this to work.

- Nate >>


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