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Re: Lenny -> Squeeze Not Upgrading

chris kerr wrote:
First time I've tried to upgrade my distro. Following the directions I edited /etc/apt/source.list and changed all "lenny" to "squeeze" and all "stable" to "testing".

None of my servers listed in source.list seem to work. So when I next try to upgrade aptitude or dpkg, neither want to. Nor of course does 'aptitude full-upgrade'.

And yes, I'm doing all this as root.

Thanks for any help

If you are just playing, try another source, but if this is for production use I think you where lucky it did not upgrade, both testing and unstable are a mess it this time, I'm just barely able to keep my testing and unstable systems going, stuff from unstable has bugs, so they are not moved to testing yet and who only knows what new packages need to be installed, for me it's fun, but it still makes me nervous as a cat on a tin roof most every time I upgrade. ;-)

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