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How to set only delete permision in a directory and theirs subdirectories.

Hi all!

I can't use kernel quota module and I would like implement a substitute for it. My idea is run a 'du' every night that it counts the amount of disk space that every user has in his own home. The matter is, how can I prevent users from using more disk space than the allowed by their quota?.

In the first place I thought of remounting their home with 'ro' option, but that isn't a good idea because the user wouldn't able to clean his home directory in order to recover write permission. Then, my question is:

There are any mechanism that I can use for forbid writes but allow deletes? Maybe with ACLs? Maybe with /etc/security/limits.conf? I don't know :(

Thanks for thinking about it!!

PD: If you can't resist the temptation of asking why I can't use quota module. The answer is because the home partition is mounted from a iSCSI device inside a openVz container. And the quota support for this scenario isn't implemented yet :(.  
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