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Apt-zip-inst keeps trying to use internet

I'm trying to install about 1GB worth of packages on a computer with a
slow net connection (this is immediately after a clean Squeeze
install). Someone told me about apt-zip, so I gave it a go.

The trouble was, I was at home and the computer I wanted to install on
wasn't. So I created a virtual machine, did a clean install of
Squeeze, and ran "apt-zip-list -p `cat packages.txt` -m apt-packages
--skip-mount" to get the script in a directory "apt-packages". I then
copied this directory to the host, ran the fetch script and burnt the
resulting packages to a DVD. ("packages.txt" contains many packages,
so I won't post it here unless it's vital.)

Now I've copied the "apt-packages" dir from the DVD (including all the
debs and the apt-zip.options file) to the /root dir on the computer I
actually want to do this on. I ran "apt-zip-inst -p `cat packages.txt`
-m apt-packages --skip-mount", answer "Y" to the apt-get prompt and...
apt-get starts trying to download a bunch of packages from my local
mirror! Okay, so I try "ifdown eth0". Now I get a lot of "Failed to
fetch http://....."; for all the packages, followed by "E: Unable to
fetch some archives...".

I'm no beginner to Debian, but I'm stumped here. I've never used
apt-zip before, but shouldn't it work without a net connection?

In the meantime, I might try to create a local repository if I can get
the tools onto the machine in question.

Please CC me to any replies :)


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