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Re: Handle each file at a time in loop?

On Tue, Jan 05, 2010 at 02:00:31AM +0530, Foss User wrote:
> $ ls
> convert.sh   Track 1.wav  Track 3.wav  Track 5.wav  Track 7.wav  Track 9.wav
> Track 1.mp3  Track 2.wav  Track 4.wav  Track 6.wav  Track 8.wav
> So, you can see there are file names with spaces in them. I have
> written a script like this to handle one file name at a time.
> for file in `ls *.wav`
> do
>     echo $file
> done
> Of course, this doesn't do what I need. The names are split wherever
> there are spaces.

The ls is a totally unnecessary extra process and is what is causing
your problem.

for file in *.wav
	echo "$file"

The quote marks around the variable ensure it is treated as a unit even
if it contains spaces.

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