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[Hint] Antialiasing fonts for tcl/tk applications

Hi there,
posting in case not everybody knows. Previously fonts in Tk
applications were ... let's say, ugly (not antialiased). It appears
that it's changed - on tk8.5 they look much better (antialiasing is
In order to take advantage of that, one has to:
1. change wish alternative (update-alternatives --config wish) to
wish8.5 (install beforehand)
2. set appropriate (ttf? in my case verdana) font in your application
config files
3. fix remaining issues

Currently I use tkcvs, which is much better than before and gpsman, in
which I had to change manually wish8.x invocations to wish (bug report
filled, although no maintainer reaction).

You can drop a comment if you wish, I just wanted to share my little tip.


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