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Re: Case Preservation

On Mon, 04 Jan 2010 03:19:23 -0800, RogerV wrote:

> I've copied the contents of the ./htdocs directory from Apache Web
> Server running on Windows XP to a FAT32 formatted USB stick, and then
> copied from the USB Stick to the htdocs directory of an Apache Web
> Server running under Debian Lenny. The copy process has changed the case
> of some of the document names, which means that the Debian web server
> can't find the links. It seems to happen, primarily where the document
> name is in the format A999999.html - it's a leading capital in Windows
> and has been restored as a lowercase alpha character. When I view the
> contents of the USB stick in Windows I see the upper case leading
> character, but when I view the stick with Nautilus - I see the lower
> case leading character. Any suggestions?


If using GNOME, open "gconf" editor and navigate to:


Instead "shortname=lower" change that value to something that fits your 
needs, such "shortname=mixed" or "shortname=winnt". That will preserve 
the "case" in filenames.

"man mount" should list all the available values.


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