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Re: alternate web browser etc...

On 1/1/10, Bernard <bdebreil@teaser.fr> wrote:
>  Why not 'Opera', even if it is not free (I doubt if it is very expensive) ?
> I may miss the knowledge of something better that Opera...
Opera is 'free' as in 'free to use'. So, no need to register, pay, or
view adds; you can also request features, report bugs, etc.; you just
don't have direct access to the source. Otherwise, it is fairly robust
nowadays on Linux (possibly no crashes for weeks or so) and by default
contains a steady number of features for every-day browsing.
Personally I'm using the qt4 build [1].
[1] http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/linux/1010/final/en/

Another possibility is Midori (already mentioned). It is still in its
early ages, but in heavy development and gets more robust with every
release. It is open-source, extension-able, has an active community
and is affiliated with Xfce (although is itself desktop-independent).

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