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'sux -c program username' does not work.

Good day.

I ask for Your help in running of a program using sux.
Here several my vain tryings and its outputs - hope it will explain the situation itself.

$ sux -c kate edit
Unknown id: eval $TERM;      exec env  TERM='xterm' DISPLAY=':0'  "kate" "edit";

$ sux -m -c kate edit
getent: invalid option -- c
Try `getent --help' or `getent --usage' for more information.
WARNING: --preserve-environment has been set, but no good value was found for XAUTHORITY, expect trouble
Unknown id: eval $TERM;      exec env  TERM='xterm' DISPLAY=':0'  "kate" "edit";

$ sux --help
Usage: su [options] [LOGIN]

  -c, --command COMMAND         pass COMMAND to the invoked shell
  -h, --help                    display this help message and exit
  -, -l, --login                make the shell a login shell
  -m, -p,
  --preserve-environment        do not reset environment variables, and
                                keep the same shell
  -s, --shell SHELL             use SHELL instead of the default in passwd

So, I need to run a command w/ sux - and not to use a shell for the user and then run the program - as the sux command is being run from a script and therefore nobody can enter command once a shell has been started.

Thanks for Your time.

PS Please, reply to the list.

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