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Re: Slow NFS

Post your /etc/exports from some machine that has slow traffic.

Is this only for nfs? Try copy some file with scp and compare the speed (it 
should be slower than nfs). Because this may not be nfs problem.

I use nfs in a lot of machines, also for sharing users home folders. And 
doesn't have any problem (debian lenny servers, gentoo servers, ubuntu pc's, 
debian testing ps's). I do not have any squeeze nfs server. But nfs is always 
the fastest sharing I have.

I dont think nfs v4 can help here. 


Dne So 2. ledna 2010 16:55:18 Chris Davies napsal(a):
> I'm curious whether anyone has good a decent read/write speed using NFS
> (v3 or 4) between a number of Debian "testing" based systems.
> I've got one box exporting a number of filesystems using NFS v3, and
> three others mounting various combinations of those file systems. I
> see less than 10% disk throughput on the remote boxes that on the local
> one. Switched gigabit LAN throughout.
> I'd expect some hit, but 90% degredation seems awfully high.
> Would migrating to NFS v4 help any? If anyone can offer suggestions,
> I'll happily offer more details of my setup.
> Thanks,
> Chris

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