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Re: new printer: USB or network?

Steve Kleene wrote:
> In a recent thread ("can't get CUPS working with Xerox Phaser 6280DN"), the
> question arose whether I should connect to the Phaser via USB or network.
> USB has two clear disadvantages:
>   1. It is slower.
>   2. Talking to the Phaser on USB from my VMware XP client crashes the
>      client.
> I now have all of this working on a Netgear hub, and (as expected) there's
> one thing I don't like about it.  I can no longer access the PC from anywhere
> outside the local hub.  Within my company, my Ethernet connection has an IP
> 10.97.8.XXX.  Before today, any machine connecting to that IP got the PC and
> nothing else.  Now the PC is within the local network and is
> unavailable to other PCs on the 10.X.X.X company network.
> One solution would be to get a second IP and jack, but my company charges
> more than I want to pay.  A second would be to use a separate NIC for the
> Phaser.  However, people at the VMware forum say it's tricky to pull this
> off.  In theory I might also be able to put a VPN server on the PC, but I
> hope to avoid having to use VPN for every connection.
> I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to make my now very local machine
> accessible from the company network.
Your "hub" is not really a hub, but rather a router doing NAT.

It will help us suggest something if you explain a little better your
setup: what is "your company"? The place you work, or your ISP?

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