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Re: Software suggestion: reading Guttenberg plaintext ebooks

Dotan Cohen <dotancohen@gmail.com> writes:

> What software is recommended for reading plaintext ebooks? I have been
> opening the documents in Firefox, but maybe there is something better?

,----[ aptitude show fbreader ]
| FBReader is an e-book reader.
| Main features:
|  * supports several open e-book formats: fb2, html, chm, plucker,
|    palmdoc, ztxt, tcr (psion text), rtf, oeb, openreader, non-DRM'ed
|    mobipocket, plain text, epub
|  * reads directly from tar, zip, gzip, bzip2 archives (you can have
|    several books in one archive)
|  * supports a structured view of your e-book collection
|  * automatically determines encodings
|  * automatically generates a table of contents
|  * keeps the last open book and the last read positions for all open books
|    between runs
|  * automatic hyphenation (patterns for several languages are included)

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