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Re: Installing Debian Testing ia64 with Netinstall-CD?

[Copied also to Debian user - this is another FAQ]

On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 11:49:41AM +0100, Paul Chany wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running Debian GNU/Linux Lenny (32bit).
> Here I want to install on my VirtualBox the Debian Testing ia64.
> Because of the ia64 architecture, I don't know whether is that
> possyble?
> Maybe it's better to install the i386 architecture here?

ia64 is the Intel Itanium - a chip which very few people have even seen 
(It's used in very high end machines from Intel/HP/SGI - the sort of 
thing that powers the back end of a bank :) )

It is NOT the 64 bit Intel chip which powers your machine if you have a 
newer Pentium/Core/Core Duo or whatever - that is the amd64 architecture 
in Debian - it's equally suitable for AMD and later Intel chips. [AMD 
were there first with the architecture extensions idea hence the name].

Virtualbox may be able to do 64 bits if your underlying chip is 64 bit - 
if not, use 32 bit Debian as on your normal machine.

All best,


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> Regards, Paul Chany
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