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Bug Perhaps: Debian Testing AMD64 2009-12-27 Daily Build NetInst

Debian Testing AMD64 2009-12-27 Daily Build
Net Install CD

Dual AMD Opteron system with Broadcom network cards

Boot netbootCD
Select Install
Select Country
Select Language

Now the system asks to load the tigon/tg3_tso.bin firmware. (Broadcom
Network Card firmware)

I selected no and continued on the install.  (Strange, did it get the
firmware from somewhere else, or was there an open source alternative?)

It does not indicate that there is a problem, or that the netinst will
or will not work without the firmware.  Perhaps a better message saying
what requires the firmware, whether or not there is an open source
option, and the ability to use it, and whether or not the device will

Overall the message is very, vague to an end user, a little
clarification would be good.

Chris Brandstetter

Version: 3.1
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