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Re: Wishlist for 2010 and beyond - A graphical frontend for creating debian binaries and source package

In <[🔎] 8857b3150912240344s3a54eb65oa355c41c519dc390@mail.gmail.com>, surreal 
>I wish we have a  graphical frontend for creating debian binaries and source

The easy part of creating a Debian package is already handled with dh_make or 
checkinstall.  The hard part is having your packaging match policy, which 
boils down to editing a bunch of text files.  We already have graphical front-
ends for editing text files.

>More on PBI - http://www.pcbsd.org/content/view/39/30/#Started
>Can we port it to Debian and its related systems?

You are welcome to take on the task.  I don't think you'll get much resistance 
from the sponsors, as long as your source package (and the binary package it 
creates) matches policy.

I don't consider the goal important enough to re-prioritize what I'm doing to 
make time for it, so I won't be helping with the port.
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