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Re: Debian Etch Install

El lun, 21-12-2009 a las 15:29 +0100, Klistvud escribió:
> Dne, 21. 12. 2009 13:38:01 je Stan Hoeppner napisal(a):
> > > while at the same
> > > time wireless is the only connectivity available at your
> > > location/work/home.
> Being a non-native English speaker, I may have made myself  
> unsufficiently clear: my scenario is real-life, and by no means  
> "bogus". I do have ethernet on one of my machines and could easily buy  
> an additional PCI network card for the other one -- it's the *wireless  
> router's* ethernet ports I don't have access to. The router is shared  
> between me and my in-laws, and is located in their apartment  
> downstairs, to which I don't have unlimited access. Of course, I  
> *could* try to persuade them to let me drill holes and cables through  
> their walls and ceiling, and -- provided they gave me permission -- I  
> *could* then pay for renovating all the damage done: it's just that I  
> find the task of downloading the 4 Debian DVDs beforehand just a bit  
> easier to do ...

In my honest opinion, none should justified anything against another
user in this list, simply here are exposed "questions and answers".

Please, keep your dignity intact.

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