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Testing (squeeze) Xorg / kernel problem (i486)

Hello Debianistas,

I've been away from this list since the etch testing days so apologies
if what's to follow has already come up and been answered.

I did a clean minimal Lenny install yesterday from the Xfce/Lxde cd,
with Xfce4 as the only desktop environment. This was working well until
I upgraded the system to Testing an hour later to get Xfce 4.6.1 mainly.

I noticed two issues on rebooting:

1.) GDM login freezes in the upper quarter of the screen (this is a Asus
widescreen monitor 1920x1080 on an Ati Rage AIW 32MB, I believe this is
the highest resolution this card supports, anyway it works in Etch on
hdb and did so before the upgrade on hda).
This could be related to the kernel, I notice freezing when booting from
2.6.30, but all seems to go well when booting from 2.6.26-2.

2.) Both kernels gives a whole batch of messages immediately on bootup
about sysfs / udev stuff being deprecated and will be removed in future
version (please update the kernel or remove... seems mostly related to
hplip). This is not critical / fatal though.

Also in resolution 1920x1080 picture is always a bit to the left,
leaving about 2 cm space on the right, but this can be cured by
switching to a lower resolution. Can this still be rectified in the new
xorg? I see no lines pertaining to monitor frequency and resolution in
the new xorg.conf.

Please copy me in to emails at this address as I'm not a current subscriber..



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