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flash video sound issue


I've been seeing this problem for a while now, and it's starting to annoy me.

The video from Flash and youtube videos plays fine, but they start without the sound.  A few moments later, sound starts to play, but it is garbled, skips, etc., and even after stopping the video and/or closing the page it's on, the sound continues for a while.
If I restart my browser, sometimes the videos will play fine again, for a while, but eventually this phenomenon occurs again, and continues until I close and restart the browser.
I thought the problem was just with iceweasel, but I added the latest flash plugin to google chrome, and experience the same thing, now, in chrome, which I am now using as my default browser.
I added the libasound2-plugins as recommended here:
but that doesn't seem to have resolved anything.
I haven't a clue what I should do to further diagnose or resolve this issue.

Any and all assistance appreciated.



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