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Re: Iceweasel and `new tab'

In <[🔎] 87tyvo8pfh.fsf@merciadriluca-station.MERCIADRILUCA>, Merciadri Luca wrote:
>In a bash script that I have written, I am using
>iceweasel -new-tab "somedefinedurl"
>where "somedefinedurl" depends on some home-made parameters.
>The problem is that, when the script is launched, "somedefinedurl"
>being modified, say, n times, the
>iceweasel -new-tab "somedefinedurl"
>command opens a new tab (or a new window, if Iceweasel is not active),
>but the next URLs are not loaded at all by Iceweasel. When I close
>Icweasel, my script launches the following URL, and this process needs
>to be repeated until the end. The major problem is that I want all
>these URLs to be opened simultaneously, and not Iceweasel to be closed
>to be able to launch a new tab according to my command!
>Any idea?

iceweasel -new-tab "somedefinedurl" &

The ampersand tell the shell no to wait until the command finishes.

If you get multiple iceweasel instances using this method, try a short sleep 
after each "backgrounded" iceweasel call.
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