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Re: Strange Wireless Network Degredation Problem

Alan Chandler wrote:
I have a strange wireless networking problem at home.

The scenario is that I have a Debian Lenny server which I have wanted to move, so have added an Edimax EW-7128G wireless card. I have removed the reference to eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces (and removed the cable from it to my ethernet switch) and replaced in with one which brings up wlan0 with dhcp (and wp_supplicant to proved the wireless networking ssid and passwork).

When I first bring up this network I can ping this machine from other machines in my network fine - but after about 30 seconds or so, the networking degrades, and I get 70% packet loss. On the otherhand, pinging out from this machine to others on the network always works with no packet loss

I have other wirelessly connected machines (through the same wireless access point) and I can ping these fine with no packet loss so the fault seems to be related to my server rather than the wireless access point.

I have run wireshark on from my desktop (where I am pinging from) and can see 4 or so pings go out and only one reply come back.

I can run uptables -L -v from the server and it is counting up the packets coming in and going out and they are balanced. (ie its not seeing these extra incoming pings at the iptables level)

I am not sure where to go next

Anyone have and ideas?

I had one private reply to look at all the various other machines configs to check I had no overlap of ip addresses, but I can find nothing. Running wireshark on the actual machine itself shows it never receives the missing messages, whereas I can see them going out of the sending side all right.

I've googled around the internet for others experiencing problems with rt61pci module, but there have been no recent problems.

Still stuck
Alan Chandler

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