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Re: IDE CD-DVD Writer won't write

On 12/13/2009 03:58 PM, Merciadri Luca wrote:
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Tony Nelson<tonynelson@georgeanelson.com>  writes:

Can the drive /read/ CDs and DVDs in Windows?  In Linux?  If not,
certainly try the next suggestion.

Try fiddling with the cables to the drive.  Replug them.  Move the data
cable around in the computer case.

I thought that I had specified it before, but, according to your
message, I did not explain this in an explicit way.

Under Windows (XP), I am able to read, and write, on any CD or DVD
medium, whatever the writer. I am thus fully able to use the
Linux-problematic CD-DVD-writer under Windows XP. That proves that
cables and related stuff are correctly done. That is the main problem:
Linux cannot make it, while Windows can make it, for once.

Can you send a fresh dmesg and HAL output? (reboot; dmesg > dmesg.txt, lshal > hal.txt; send both *.txt as an attachment)

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