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Re: font available in fc-list but not in xlsfonts

On Wed, Dec 09, 2009 at 08:56:53PM EST, Zhang Weiwu wrote:


> I first tried to install ttf-droid_1.00~b112+dfsg-0ubuntu1_all.deb and
> then tried the manual way: to unpackage the font to
> /usr/share/truetype/droid and add this path to FontPath in
> /etc/X11/xorg.conf. In both way I got the same result.

> zhangweiwu@casablanca:~$ xlsfonts |grep -Ei 'droid.?s'
> zhangweiwu@casablanca:~$ fc-list |grep -Ei 'droid.?s'
> Droid Sans:style=Regular
> Droid Serif:style=Bold
> Droid Sans Fallback:style=Regular
> Droid Sans:style=Bold
> Droid Sans Mono:style=Regular
> Droid Serif:style=Italic
> Droid Serif:style=Bold Italic
> Droid Serif:style=Regular
> What could be the cause and what should I check next? Thanks.

Did you bounce your Xorg session?


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