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Re: FS timestamp issue running Debian in Vbox

On Tue, 08 Dec 2009 17:18:15 -0600, Mark Allums wrote:

> Running Debian on Virtualbox (under Win 7, alas), taking a VBox snapshot
> screws up the filesystem mildly, somehow affecting timestamping.  Of the
> virtual hard disk in such a way as to confuse the booting kernel.  No
> corruption takes place, except to alarm the init scripts or the kernel
> fs bits into thinking there is an inconsistency.
> An fsck always fixes it.  The error message is something like:
> Superblock last write time (>date<,
>          now = >some other date<) is in the future.
> Fix<y>?
> I always answer yes, and everything is fine.
> I assume there is a discrepancy between the *nix assumption of system
> clock set to UTC, and Win assumption of clock set to local time, but
> what is there to be done to fix it?
> In particular, why does making a snapshot affect a superblock?  This
> can't be good.
> Any suggestions? I hate running fsck every other reboot.

Mmmm, IIRC, when you first install Debian, it asks about how to setup the 
system (hardware) clock and advices you about this issue (if using a dual-
boot system with windows, just choose a "local time" setting to sync the 

But once the system is installed, can this setting be changed? :-?

Or better yet... maybe this can be achieved directly by the VM (by means 
of "guest additions", maybe?).

I found this thread:

How to disable time sync between host and guest

Not sure if that would help :-?



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