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Re: fetchmail + exim + winmail.dat

On Tue, 08 Dec 2009 19:11:22 +0800, Jerome BENOIT wrote:

> I use fetchmail to fetch my email around the Internet, exim as local
> smtp, and Thunderbird to read them: what is the best Debian way to
> manage `winmail.dat' files ?

That kind of files are usually generated by Outlook MUA. And there are 
(at least to my knowledge) two kind to "winmail.dat" files:

1/ Mail formatting ones
When Outlook users make use of rtf formatting (mails created within MS 
Word editor), it is attached across the e-mail that file, which only 
other Outlooks can manage properly (that is, kmail or Thunderbird just 
displays the file attached to the e-mail).

Usually contains no useful info (just message formatting, no content)

2/ Calendar cites
Another "winmail.dat" files are just the way Outlook sends appointments 
to another users via e-mail (I wish I knew a way I can make Outlook to 
send an ".ical" file). These files are important as they contain starting 
and ending dates for tasks or appointments so better do not miss these 
ones :-)

Kmail can "read" these files (by means of "ktnef") but under Gnome I 
dunno what program can read them. I am using a java utility to access 
their content.

Anyway, you have more information about this here:

Winmail.dat attachments



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